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About Me


Alberto Cardenas Bribiesca is my full name, I was born in Mexico city on 1969, ever since I was a young kid  fell in love with our world and it's magnificent beauty, always observing nature around and admiring the landscapes of my surrounding neighborhood and natal city which has change quite a lot, the views of the mountains, volcanoes, rivers, forests and so on were part of my life, thinking about going out there one day, dreaming on knowing distant lands, at the age of  ten  craved to learn painting or music or some artistic expression, spent countless hours drawing to create my own art, my beloved Mother enrolled me into a music school after my Dad got me my first guitar, I embarked on my own path, loved and still do my music, rooted into Spanish culture, Flamenco and bulerias mixed with boleros where my start,  discovered Blues as a young teen, played in some bands till it became a way of living for some years, one thing was still inside my head at all times, nature and travelling, Photography entered the scene so...  got books and an old camera to start the journey and life I have, it's being 35 years now. Today I live in Spain.

It's being 25 years of professional assignments, there are thousands of eyes and faces flying by as I shutter my eyes, each one of them very special as their memories and achievements, most in fashion and portraits, beauty or nudes, commercial ads and varied campaigns, sports,  clothing etc. Many great costumers each with a special requirement, outdoors and available light, others much rather the studio or location.

Great times to be shared and trusted, after all what matters is your very special assignment. thank you so much for making me part of it.

Today I wish to share my  personal project that has being waiting for a long time, hope you enjoy it as much as I have throughout this decades.



Some of it is  film, some  digital, either way you'll get top class work and Quality in all the pieces that are Meticulously hand made in WhiteWall Lab Germany.


Alberto Cárdenas Bribiesca.

Mexico 52 5616589973 / Spain 34 604 10 96 55

Based in Mexico, Spain and Paris France

World Wide Available.

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